The life and times of Jen's Kitchen

Jen's Kitchen is a food relief and outreach services program to survival sex workers in Vancouvers Downtown Eastside. Jen and her volunteers walk the streets handing out food and doing spiritual warfare. Est. 2004.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

It's been a long time!!

It's a long time since I've posted on here.

Sorry about that.

To up date you on how Jen's Kitchen is doing,we now have a social justice component to our organization.

We speak at university and colleges about the missing murdered women in Canada,as a way to humanize them and bring attention to their plight.

We also provide advocacy and outreach to women getting released from prison,victims of domestic violence,and single moms.

Along with providing food relief to people in the back alleys.

Jen's Kitchen just celebrated our 6th anniversary last October.
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