The life and times of Jen's Kitchen

Jen's Kitchen is a food relief and outreach services program to survival sex workers in Vancouvers Downtown Eastside. Jen and her volunteers walk the streets handing out food and doing spiritual warfare. Est. 2004.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The adventures of Jen's Kitchen never stop

Last week I had a lady come from the North Shore to help out with Jen's Kitchen.
I asked her if she wanted the normal or exciting version of Jen's Kitchen.
She picked the exciting & that's what she got.
Everything was going fine until we hit the alley in front of the Health Contact Center.
As soon as we entered the alley the police showed up,so I knew that Jesus had sent them.
We started handing out food when this lady came up to us and started saying "Do you walk through the shadow of the valley of death" Then said to me " Are you telling the gospel" I stated yes.
Then she turned toward Laura and said " your afraid,very afraid,What are you pretty ladies doing down here.
Then she started yelling "Iam the one that suffers" repeatedly.
We were afraid this women was going to hit one of us because she was so angry,we stood there listing while trying to feed others.
Then the police came back and that was the end of that.
I told my volunteers that was a Deamon up in our face.
So I directed my team of people to the War Room.
Aaron White was there with 15 other people & we told him what happen and got prayer.
So in the end I guess Laura did get the exciting version of Jen's Kitchen.


  • At 12:27 PM, Blogger Aurora said…

    Hey Jen! It's good to see that Jen's Kitchen is still going strong! Much love to you!

  • At 12:42 PM, Blogger Andrew said…

    Hey Jen. The Lord is using your ministry in mighty ways. You always can tell this when the enemy tries to get in your face like he did in this instance. But praise the Lord, he is much more powerful and that silly old liar satan.


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