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Jen's Kitchen is a food relief and outreach services program to survival sex workers in Vancouvers Downtown Eastside. Jen and her volunteers walk the streets handing out food and doing spiritual warfare. Est. 2004.

Monday, March 13, 2006


My Mom E-Mailed me.
She filed for her taxes & is getting her money back.
She want's to pay my airfare to visit her in Whitehorse,Yukon.
Now my mother & I don't get along all that well and I feel a little bit strange about the whole thing.
Last year I went to visit her for the first time in 3 years,that was a waste of time,My first 2 days in was fine then we almost got into fist fights.
I was ready for that event to happen,so I had 614 called the Salvation Army in Whitehorse to let them know don't be surprise if I call to get them to come get me & drive me to the Greyhound.
And they did.
I wonder if it would look bad if I just asked my mom to give me the money instead of going to see her.
Tell me what you guys think.



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