The life and times of Jen's Kitchen

Jen's Kitchen is a food relief and outreach services program to survival sex workers in Vancouvers Downtown Eastside. Jen and her volunteers walk the streets handing out food and doing spiritual warfare. Est. 2004.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Bible's everywhere

I was tripping all over the West End this morning,about every 2 blocks someone was handing out a bible.
I could have gotten 20 of them,if I was greedy.
I just took one besides what would I do with that many bibles anyway.!!!
I never seen that before,I was talking to people in that neibourhood and they felt it was annnoying.
Surprise surprise the rich don't want to hear the truth,they might have to give up something,like their money. HA HA
The bibles were all Gideons International,which I already have a couple.
So If anyone's in need of a new Bible just go down toward Robsoin & Grandville area
trust me you'll get a few.



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