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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"That's against women's rights"

Thoose were the word's I spoke on the issue's of the Nicaragua Goverment banning abortions and putting a pently of 6 to 30 years in jail.
That also includes if a woman's prgent as result of RAPE,INCEST,or IF HER LIFE IS IN DANGERED BY GIVING BIRTH.

If you want more info go to Darren Hailes blog.

I was simply talking from the stand point of putting myself in a Nicaragua's women's shoes.
Over there the women have no rights,not even over their bodies.
Due to the level of poverty, Who's going to adopted their baby?.
The Child will most likley end up in a Human Trafficing Ring
I did some research on the human rights women in that country have.
This is what Amnesty International Report 2005 (The state of the world's human rights) said: Violence against women and girls.

There is concern at the high levels of violence against women and girls. The National police reported that 77 women had been murdered during 2003 and during the first quarter of 2004, 164 complaints of domestic violence were recived in one police district alone in that period of time.
In July,the Minster Of Health stated that 95 per cent of rapes in Nicaragua take place in the home.
The Supreme Court,with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank, began a consultion with state institutina and civil society with a view to setting up a cross-disciplinary programme of professional services to address the needs of victims of domestic and sexual violence.
Now to the women who are against abortion and view it as murder.
We have to remmber we live in a country of luxuary,police that will protect us, agentcies that will talk on our behalf or be there in a time of need.
We have the choice to give our baby up for adoption or not.
Mabey some day the women of Nicaragua will have the same rights,as we do in North America.

Jen Allan


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